Q: How do I make an appointment?
A: Usually by proposing a time and date via email or phone and confirming it with the therapist.
Q: What do I need to do before the treatment?
A: Drink plenty of water on the day you are arriving, it will aid in absorption of the sound and vibration thus prolonging and making the treatment more efficient.
A: In case of medical diagnoses / history, bring your documentation with you, as well as yours GP’s number or specialist number. We often contact them to ensure the most effective course of treatment for you.
Q: How should I be dressed?
A: Dress comfortably and preferably as if you are attending a yoga class.
Q: How long does the individual treatment lasts?
A: That may vary from 45min to 90min. Treatment itself is composed out of tree stages, introductory conversation, sound treatment and follow-up conversation.
Q: What do I need to do after treatment?
A: Immediacy after the treatment one should avoid noise and crowded places. Drink plenty of water for next couple of days hence it will prolong the effects of the treatment. Follow the instructions from the therapist.
Q: What should I do in case of bad reaction after the treatment?
A: While your body is integrating the treatment some people may end up with mild headaches, feeling cold, having a flu like symptoms, sleepiness, mild anxiety or in cases of operation or broken bones they may feel flashing pain on those parts.
A: Such sensations when they happen are normal and quick in passing; it is the way the body is repeating itself.
Q: How much does the individual treatment costs?
A: Refer to our website and look under services for price list?