ZEN SOUND Therapy Treatments

ZEN SOUND individual treatments include:
Application of ZEN SOUND individual treatments:
  • wellness and relaxation (cosmetic, mini face-lifting, stress management)
  • professional sport (muscle elasticity, coordination, focus, fatigue management)
  • back pain, damaged discs, painful joints, arthritis
  • indigestion problems
  • heart problems
  • infertility, impotence and low sex drive
  • menstrual problems
  • poor circulation and lymph flow
  • recovery after stroke or chemotherapy
  • immune system booster
ZEN SOUND group treatments include:
Application of ZEN SOUND group treatments:
  • balancing effect of the body, mind and spirit
  • renewal and detoxification of the whole organism
  • increase awareness, creativity
  • discover new solutions
  • anchoring positive experiences
ZEN SOUND specialization:
  • psychological and behavioural disorders
  • neurological disorders and degenerative disorders of the brain
Sound Massage

ZEN SOUND Sound Massage

individual 60min – 200kn
individual 60min – 300kn / at client’s

Sound Bath

ZEN SOUND Sound Bath

group 90min – 100kn

Sound Journey

ZEN SOUND Sound Journey

individual 60min – 150kn
group 60min – 100kn

Empowered Breathing™ Technique

ZEN SOUND Empowered Breathing™ Technique

individual 45min – 100kn

Workshop Empowered Living!

ZEN SOUND Workshop “Empowered Living!”

group 120min – 250kn

Before proceeding to any treatment the client can expect:
  • a brief introduction to the sound treatment or brief overview from the previous treatment,
  • the performance of the agreed treatment,
  • guidelines for conduct after treatment.