ZEN SOUND & Peter Hess® Sound Massage

with Peter Hess® singing bowls
Duration: 60min
Price: 150kn

Part of the individual antistresnog program, the Empowered Breathing™ Technique is intended for fast and effective release of “burn-out” syndrome and anxiety. Promotes revitalisation and strong detoxification of the whole body.

The program is primarily designed for business clientele who are faced with a busy lifestyle that doesn’t allow them time to relax and recover from daily accumulated stress. Such conditions often begin with seemingly harmless symptoms such as feeling of fatigue and lethargy, lack of concentration, creativity and a sense of irritability. Long-term exposure to stress, without addressing the underlining issues, brings the entire body to the limits of endurance of that can have an overwhelming effect on the quality of the living dynamic.

This exclusive program is unique in this area and is intended to maintain the vitality of life, whereby known facts of one’s conscious breathing has on overall well-being this program offers a unique toolset of exercises that leads to the synchronisation of body and mind. The technique is aimed at detoxification, release of daily stress and strengthen awareness of the body resulting in a release of tension, a feeling of joy, creativity, self-governing and inspiring way of life.

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