ZEN SOUND Empowered Yoga Sessions

– physical exercises with sound therapy
– breathing techniques with sound therapy
– guided meditation with sound therapy

The main benefits of this type of session:
  • increased concentration
  • increased awareness of the body
  • promotes muscular elasticity (better flexibility)
  • promotes grounding

Yoga Asanas (physical exercise), Pranayamas (breathing techniques) or Guided meditation (relaxation, self-inquiry techniques) accompanied by soothing Peter Hess® Therapy or Meditation Singing Bowls sounds for prolonged and integrated effect of Yoga exercises; reach your full potential.

Within our Empowered Yoga Sessions program you will discover the true meaning of reconnecting with your-self; spanning your self-awareness from cellular level to mental clarity and emotional resilience, furthermore the illusive “in the moment – here and now” concept will become and integral strategie in your every day life as a feeling of being present.

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“Spiritual knowledge can’t be taught, it can only be realised through personal experience.”
~ Yoga in Daily Life