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Winter Sound Bath group consisting of meditation and practical Q&A part following with optional tea in a local venues of South East London area.
Group is announced when we have min. of 5 participants.

Meditation with Gong an Singing Bowls

Depending on the group composition, we suggest either:
self-inquiry meditation (self-image, quilt principals and mechanism, focused meditation)
chakra meditation (quite a popular choice, cleansing, healing, balancing)
grounding meditation (in time’s of imbalance, grounding provides physical and mental refreshment)

Practical Q&A part with singing bowls, cymbals and crystals

– examples on practical application of sound therapy in everyday situations
– addressing specific problem that can be demonstrated and discussed
– questions and answers

Sound Baths program:
– guided meditation, 60min, with a gong and singing bowls
– practical Q&A , 30min, with singing bowls, cymbals and crystals
– optional tea in one of the local venues, open-end

Sound Bath location:
– program is held in one of the hotels or SPA centres depends on groups location
– location is decided via email

Sound Bath payment:
– deposit: £10
– session: £10 (£20 – deposit of £10)
– via PayPal or a card, link will be provided in an email once location, date and time are set
– option to pay in advance with 30% off will be included in an email

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Season of Cold is coming, and I don’t mean just the cold weather here! With more strain on our immune system from various sources, although at the beginning we may thing everything is alright, I’m healthy as a bull, the prolonged effects may leave you stranded and already depleted for the upcoming seasons, which are stressful on their own, underneath it all family connections bare certain load that is accumulating throughout the relationship dynamics, such stressful states may prove to be just the right focal point of release.

Everything is connected, body – mind – spirit, we are one system, and by working away from the problem area, we focus on strengthening resources that are here and now at our disposal ensuring that the unfolding moment rests on foundations of strength, support, wakefulness.

That said let me present you with a thought you can play with, if I may. Here you are two couples from work, it is Friday and you just want to leave the week behind and be able to enjoy your weekend with family and friends rejuvenated, as a wave washes the shores. May I suggest a group session for all four of you? Chose which place is most convenient for you, and we’ll set up a date and time for your 90min Sound Bath session.

Helpful with immediate effects: “burn-out” syndrome, anxiety syndromes, sleep disorder, and more.

So, get ready for that big season ahead of us, join us in or Winter Sound Baths and make it count for what it is intended for… family and friends.

Autumn is my favourite season of the year. Nature is going for a sleep and while it yawns and sheds I play deep tones to relax us, strengthen our immune system, promote balance and natural flow.
In combination with Tam Tam Gong and Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls helps achieve maximum rooting and smooth transition into higher notes of our being, “spanning the great divine”.

If interested in booking a 90min session, feel free to contact me on 07930 161691, or info@zensound.co.uk.

There is also an option to reserve a spot in a Sound Bath session consisting of meditation and Q&A part following with optional tea in a venue, South East London area. Group is announced when we have min. of 5 participants. For subscribing please email us at info@zensound.co.uk your name, weekend availability, general location like SE10 or Greenwich, and we will stay in touch when and where the next group is.

This is mainly suited for groups up to 8 people max., so far best practice has been; group of friends would meet up and all pitch in towards the session, coming up to on average £10 /person for the session, which works perfectly for nice Sunday relaxation with your friends, or small gatherings, ceremonies and such, sharing in amazing experience with beneficial immediate effects, feeling renewed and vital.

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