– cancer / pre- or post- recovery, chemotherapy recovery
– stroke / somatosensory and mobility recovery
– multiple sclerosis / muscular fatigue, cognitive dysfunction
– palliative care / pain management

The main benefits of this type of session:
  • harmonises each and every cell in the body
  • assists in the pain management
  • assists in cognitive and sensory recovery
  • promotes grounding

Sound is now being used as an important part of the healing process as it helps calm the mind and body and assists in the management of pain.

In the early 80’s Fabien Maman, a French musician, acupuncturist and bio-energetician, devoted one and a half years studying the effects of sound on human cells. Experimenting with various acoustic sounds including the human voice, gong, acoustical guitar and xylophone, he found the vibrations actually transformed the cell structure.

The human voice produced the most dramatic results – exploding cancer cells and energizing healthy ones; however, the rich overtones of the gong being played for 21 minutes also caused the cancer cells to disintegrate and ultimately explode.

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(Reference: Marian Kraus / Gong Sound Healing)