ZEN SOUND massage uses all methods of Peter Hess Institute® and its author, the German physicist Peter Hess, who for more than 30 years provides an exceptional complementary model of healing and recovery. The effectiveness of sound massage as a scientifically proven method has an extraordinary impact on our entire body because its core area of operation is on a cellular level, “massaging” cells of the body.

This treatment by sound and vibration in a non-invasive way to releases the client of the bonds that prevent the internal mechanisms of healing and revitalization. As we are talking about the audio-vibratory treatment, the body that is made up of 50-75% water provides superb medium for sound waves to reach every cell in the body, bringing harmony and return to its primal state.

Whilst the Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls are placed on the covered body and gently sounded they produce relaxing tones and vibrations that are absorbed by the whole body. During the sound massage treatment an atmosphere of safety and well-being is created. Such soothing atmosphere provides perfect relief stage from stress, fears, worries, doubts and generally all feelings with a negative impact on one’s health. Because of such profound impact on the whole body it leads the subject into a state of deep relaxation within which they can easily reach the untapped potential; initialising a process of self-healing and detoxification.

Individuals with good health; sound massage will support the development of inner harmony and provide them with energy and strength for daily tasks; creativity and productive energy will receive new impulses.

Individuals with weakened health; sound massage will bring relief from pain and problems that cause daily stress, worry and anxiety, and on the physical level it will promote process of recovery and self-healing.

Therapeutic sound massage

with Peter Hess® singing bowls
Duration: 60min
Price: 35€
At client’s: 45€

Therapeutic massage has a sound emphasis on encouraging the process of treatment and recovery. An individual approach provides focused treatment that compliments any clinical treatment by speeding up recovery, alleviating pain and furthermore stimulating self-healing mechanisms as well as detoxification of the body and strengthening of the immune system.

Application of sound massage therapy:
  • back pain, damaged discs, aching joints, arthritis,
  • indigestion,
  • heart problems,
  • infertility, impotence and low sex drive,
  • menstrual problems,
  • poor circulation and lymph flow,
  • recovery after stroke or chemotherapy,
  • improving the immune system,
  • chronic pain management.

Revitalizing sound massage

with Peter Hess® singing bowls
Duration: 45min
Price: 25€
At client’s: 35€

Revitalizing sound massage improves the overall condition of the client and synchronises the body, mind and spirit, which are the key aspects of health in a holistic sense, as well the basis for a sense of joy, contentment, and an independent and creative life.

Application of a revitalizing sound massage:
  • wellness and relaxation (cosmetic, mini facelift, stress management),
  • professional sports (muscle elasticity, coordination, focus, fatigue management),
  • inner peace, self-confidence,
  • sense of well-being and beauty.