with Peter Hess® singing bowls and Tam-Tam gong
based on PHI® principles and more than 20 years devote to raising awareness
Duration: 240min
Price: up to 75€ / person
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We live our lives in such haste, often influenced, and hinted by external sources, and since those forces are operating outside of our awareness we are often disempowered, drained and reluctant to follow our passion and dreams. Who can make head and tails from this everyday melange? Well, in all honesty you can; this workshop will provide you with tools and insights to help you handle everyday life situations, moreover, it will enable you to utilize your surroundings and use it to better yourself and your environment.

In a world of interference, it is becoming imperative to stand your ground; not just to improve the excellence of living within but as well to increase and understand the impact that we as a human being have on outer world. Deconstruction of self-image, quilt principals and mechanism will help you to come in turns of what and who you are, and with that insight we can start having a conscious impact on our inner and outer environment.

Empowered Living™ workshop is designed around looking at a human being as an integral being, whereby offering a simple model of the world view and use of everyday situations as a platform for personal development we can raise awareness and discover the primal power as an integral being through our primal life strategies tools.

  • Introduction (15min)
  • Sound Bath (45min)
  • Being & Doing (25min)
  • Symbolism & Subconscious mind (25min)
  • Grounding techniques (15min)
  • Quantum perception (15min)
  • Self-directed neuroplasticity (25min)
  • Sound Journey (45min)
  • Open dialog (30min)