Wellbeing through sound

Part of a group anti-stress program, a sound bath is designed for deep relaxation and revitalization of the whole body. It strengthens the body, mind, and spirit. Sound bath promotes balancing effect and harmonisation of the entire being, resulting in the discovery of new solutions as well as anchoring the positive experiences in oneself.

Gong is one of the most powerful and oldest transformation and therapeutic instrument; its relaxing, centring and energizing sound, and its transformative and healing characteristics are used for yoga, meditation and sound therapy since the Bronze Age.

An excellent choice for a beginning of a sound treatment as well as maintaining the effects of a sound massage or a meditation.

On our Sound Baths you can expect to experience from uplifting sounds of Peter Hess® Sangha Meditation Bowls, Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls and Peter Hess® Zen Singing Bowls to transforming vibrations and tones of Tam Tam Gong. And, completed with natural honey candles, healing and protecting crystals to promote ambiance of wellbeing, as well as chanting of sacred mantras to produce certain beneficial vibratory states e.g. feeling secure, loved, etc.

Sound Journey (which is a verbally guided version of our Sound Bath) and the power of the voice; one of the most powerful instruments for healing and transformation is the human voice. Singing, over-toning and the chanting of mantras profoundly affect our well-being due to their therapeutic and calming influence.
Peter Hess® Sound Bath

Sanskrit mantras are energy based sounds that vibrate throughout the body and chanting these sacred sounds of power can bring us to a higher level of consciousness. The human body is over 70% water and since sound travels five times more efficiently through water than through air, it is an excellent conductor for sound and vibration.

Sound shaped into a dazzling tool can make, brake or rearrange the molecular structure and some even say it can levitate objects.

~ Jonathan Goldman

(Reference: Marian Kraus / Gong Sound Healing)


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