Wellbeing through sound

Peter Hess® Sound Massage is the scientifically proven method of sound therapy from German physicist and pioneer in this field, Peter Hess. He developed this method in the early ’80s when he was inspired by his experiences in Tibet, India, and Nepal. Since then, it has found its application in various medical fields and institutions as an integral part of complementary therapy based on observation and research.

The sound massage method is based on ancient findings about the effect of sounds on our system, having been already applied in Indian art of healing more than 5,000 years ago. Following the eastern imagination, the human being developed from sound, so he or she is a sound. Accordingly, only the human being living in harmony with oneself and one’s environment is in the position to create life in a free and creative way.

For over 30 years, the Peter Hess Institute® (PHI®) has been offering its professional sound massage in many European cities and more than 20 Peter Hess® academies abroad; adapting years of research and practice to the needs of people of nowadays. Its fields of application extend from the gentle, but highly effective relaxation up to the target-oriented application. Latest research results from neurobiology, pedagogics, psychology, and other scientific disciplines are steadily incorporated in the training seminars, including the results of own research projects.

The Peter Hess® Sound Massage as a scientific method is based on longstanding research and practice. The proven original is exclusively practised by providers trained at the Peter Hess Institute®.

What is Sound Massage?

Peter Hess® Sound MassageThe basic operation of sound massage is through perception and processing of sound and vibration. While the Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls are placed on the covered body and gently sounded they produce relaxing tones and vibrations that are absorbed by the whole body.

Harnessing these incentives is a complex process. During the sound massage, an atmosphere of safety and well-being is created, a state of deep relaxation is quickly induced and accompanied by various aspects of “reactions of relaxations” that are both psychosomatic and physical. Such a soothing atmosphere provides a perfect relief stage from stress, fears, worries, doubts, and all feelings with a negative impact on one’s health. It makes us aware again of what our body and our needs are about. Frequently circulating, parasitic thoughts come to a rest and our soul experiences room to develop.

In this supportive inner ambiance subject encounters its own “inner wisdom”. One’s own body is consciously perceived and burdensome thoughts disappear, which are the key aspects of health in a holistic sense as well as the basis for a sense of joy, satisfaction, independent and creative life.

Several decades of practical experience can be summarized in the following active features sound massage has on an individual:

Individuals with good health sound massage will support the development of inner harmony and provide them with energy and strength for daily tasks; creativity and productive energy will receive new impulses.

Individuals with weakened health sound massage will bring relief from pain and problems that cause daily stress, worry and anxiety, and on the physical level it will promote process of recovery and self-healing.

Unique experience of Peter Hess® Sound Massage provides:

  • Reach deep state of relaxation
  • Harmonise each and every body cell with gentle vibratory motion
  • Releases tension and blockage, both physical and mental
  • Facilitates the release of negative patterns
  • Strengthen primal credence of the body
  • Promotes health harmonisation by revitalisation and rejuvenation
  • Supports and enhances one’s body awareness
  • Enables access and increases the utilisation of one’s own resources
  • Strengthen concentration, self-confidence, creativity, and motivation
  • Reintroduces joy to life

The principles of Peter Hess® Sound Therapy method:

  • Thoughtfulness
  • Respect
  • Holistic approach
  • Principle – “less is more
  • Orientation on its own resources and solutions
  • Dialogical interaction

In this method in order to be more careful about the partnership with the client or patient. It is more about respect, love, and support to the individual path of personal development, growth, and healing rather than toward the goal-oriented action.

Studies show a significant influence and importance of our mental images and the intention of the consequences of our actions. Therefore, to work with patients and clients particular emphasis has based put on: the accumulation of substantial knowledge about the work of the sound, the training of their own capabilities (based on personal and group experiences with sound), training and awareness of the importance of intent during operation.

The sound releases tensions; mobilizes self-healing powers and releases creative energies.
Peter Hess®


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