High quality Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls (sound massage equipment) ensure a professional and directed effect of its vibrations and sound features, they were designed especially for Sound Massage, and in this context the frequency range and vibration characteristics of the singing bowl required for the corresponding parts of the body are of particular importance.

Peter Hess® Sound Massage EquipmentThe sound of the singing bowl is harmonic and without any frequency jumping or ambient noises, and is free from unpleasant secondary tones such as high demanding sounds.

The sound spectrum is extraordinarily rich in overtones and flexible in reaction. Ancient knowledge of the manufacture and the material composition provide the basis for construction and production.

Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowl

(an alloy of twelve metals)

Vibratory quality and the sound of the bowl are determined by high-quality bronze (copper and tin). Moreover, a further ten metals in homeopathic potencies are added to the singing bowls, for this purpose, a piece of an old singing bowl is melted and added to the overall composition.

Planet metals:
  • Copper (VENUS)
  • Tin (JUPITER)
  • Gold (SUN)
  • Quicksilver* (MERCURY)
  • Silver (MOON)
  • Iron (MARS)
  • Lead* (SATURN)
*In homeopathic potencies
Further metals are:
  • Zinc (effective against states of stress)
  • Meteor iron (supports energy and activity)
  • Bismuth (supports the digestive system)
  • Galena (protects against arthritis)
  • Pyrite (for strengthening the lungs)
The sound of the singing bowl touches our innermost part; it makes the soul swinging.
Peter Hess®


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