Certified Peter Hess® Sound Therapist will start with an interview explaining the main process and benefits of the sound massage treatment.

The treatment starts by using gently sounding high quality Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls that are placed on the client’s covered body; their gentle and harmonious sounds and vibrations are absorbed into the whole body, aiding the client into an partial alpha and theta brainwave state (i.e. the state just before sleeping, dreaming / meditative state). This promotes, healing, harmonisation and relaxation through perception and processing of vibratory motion of a sound (somatosensory processing / stimulation).

Different types of Sound Massage

There are different types of sound massages, ranging from basic to more individually tailored treatments (that concentrate on the focal points of the client), as well as Sound Bath or Sound Journey as guided group relaxation experience.

After the initial sound massage, the feedback given by the client will determine the next course of action; designing further sound treatments with a focused approach on individual needs and requirements.

Treatment is usually composed of five sessions over a three week period:
  • initial interview, basic sound massage and client feedback,
  • individually tailored sound massages for up to the next four sessions,
  • at the end of the treatment the therapist and client can discuss the results and agree upon any further treatments.

Peter Hess® main principal is “less is more“, honouring a holistic approach toward the client’s health and overall wellbeing.

What happens during and after the session?

As piously mentioned, during the session, sensations are accompanied by various aspects of “reactions of relaxations” from seeing colours and images, emotions, deep sleep, sense of lucid dreaming, but mainly sensation of deep relaxation. Reactions are individual and they are based on a state of a body and mind – sound massage will first promote health and growth of vital support (healthy) areas and offer harmonisation and healing to acute areas.Peter Hess® Sound Massage Treatment

After a session drink plenty of water, this will aid the body to release toxins, as most people feel deeply relaxed a period of an hour is recommended to stay indoors.

There is generally a three-day adjustment period after a session. Your body will be healing itself and you may feel aches and pains as the body integrates the healing you have received.

In some cases, sound massage will reawaken a body memory from parts physical trauma (i.e. operation, broken bone), sensation will return for a while before disappearing altogether.


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