Sound therapy is the audio-vibratory treatment of healing and recovery by which the body and our whole being, at the cellular level, is brought back to balance.

Water is a very mysterious substance, it is highly impressionable, that is, it can receive and hold vibration because of its high resonance capacity and sensitivity. Inner readiness to resonate makes the water response instantaneously to all types of sonic waves, thus making it an integral medium in sound therapy. Body is comprised 50-75% of water, thanks to which the sound waves penetrate deep into the tissue, bringing a harmonious balance and relaxation in every cell.

In sound therapy we are using Tibetan singing bowls, bells, gong, and your own voice. Sound therapy is one of the five main ancient Vedic methods of healing, and alongside auditory provides vibratory experience. Because so such effectiveness on the whole body it leads the subject into a state of deep relaxation within which they can easily reach the untapped potential; initialising a process of self-healing and detoxification as well as unveiling the subconscious programs that govern us while remaining unconscious.

ZEN SOUND presents complementary method of healing and recovery. This is a comprehensive method of harmonisation of body and mind, progressing you to reach your full potential and alignment of your “one internal system.”

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Wellbeing through sound
Wellbeing through sound is healing with primordial echoes of the universe. It is through our primal body credence, that we shift towards joy. One who lives in a harmony with himself and his surroundings, lives his life freely and creatively.
Nada Brahma - the world is sound

It is through our primal body credence, that we shift our consciousness state towards joy. And with sound we stimulate and fine tune our Nāḍi’s /it is believed that through those “pipes” our core energy flows./ As well as prepare our brainwave states to be rewired by “focused attention meditation” on a root sensory level (feeling).

The core belief structure / vibration on sensory level starts to resonate with the SO HAM mantra, meaning “I am that.” More so, we start to feel being connected to everything. And, as we are exhaling a next unfolding moment connects us again to that endless sea of Prana /the term refers to a cosmic energy believed to come from the sun and connecting the elements of the universe./


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