Celebrating our first anniversary!

Winter Sound Bath group consisting of meditation and practical Q&A part following with optional tea in a local venues of South East London area.
Group is announced when we have min. of 5 participants.

Meditation with Gong an Singing Bowls

Depending on the group composition, we suggest either:
self-inquiry meditation (self-image, quilt principals and mechanism, focused meditation)
chakra meditation (quite a popular choice, cleansing, healing, balancing)
grounding meditation (in time’s of imbalance, grounding provides physical and mental refreshment)

Practical Q&A part with singing bowls, cymbals and crystals

– examples on practical application of sound therapy in everyday situations
– addressing specific problem that can be demonstrated and discussed
– questions and answers

Sound Baths program:
– guided meditation, 60min, with a gong and singing bowls
– practical Q&A , 30min, with singing bowls, cymbals and crystals
– optional tea in one of the local venues, open-end

Sound Bath location:
– program is held in one of the hotels or SPA centres depends on groups location
– location is decided via email

Sound Bath payment:
– deposit: £10
– session: £10 (£20 – deposit of £10)
– via PayPal or a card, link will be provided in an email once location, date and time are set
– option to pay in advance with 30% off will be included in an email

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For whom this program is intended for?

Feeling tired, exhausted, or suffering from back pains or abdominal pain?
Recovering from medical trauma like a stroke or chemotherapy?
Or, you just want to bring harmony back to your life?

Sign up, and enjoy one of the most beneficial sound healing experience. Here is more information on Sound Bath and PH® Sound Massage.

To reserve your spot in a group please email us at info@zensound.co.uk your name, weekend/week availability, general location like SE10 or Greenwich, and we will stay in touch with the information when and where the next group is.

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